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Theoretical - practical30

*the workload is indicated in school lessons (1 school lesson = 45 minutes)

Basketball is a separate course and an integral part of the study programme at the undergraduate study since the very foundation of the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. The basis of the course is comprised of teaching materials on basketball that are part of the Physical Education curricula both in elementary and secondary schools, as well as in higher education institutions.

Course objectives

To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for the implementation of the teaching plan and programme in the field of basketball for Physical Education in elementary and secondary schools. The emphasis is on acquiring basic technical and tactical elements of basketball, methodological procedures in the process of learning the mentioned basketball elements and on the application of measuring instruments for evaluating basketball knowledge and skills.


Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes

Students will be qualified for conducting transformational processes in the development of school children’s abilities and characteristics by using basketball, as well as in the development of motor and functional abilities through basketball exercises and games.

After completing the programme students will be qualified for the following:

  • implementing the Physical Education curriculum in the field of basketball in elementary and secondary schools, as well as in higher education institutions;
  • using basketball exercises and games as a means of recreation;
  • understanding the method and the development of basketball;
  • applying basketball rules during a game;
  • understanding the effects of learning, training, practising and playing basketball on the psychosomatic status of children, young adolescents and adults;
  • understanding the characteristics, abilities and qualities of players that are significant for successfully playing basketball;
  • understanding the structure of the team and basic models of the game;
  • understanding the biomechanical analysis and methodological procedure of learning basic elements of offensive and defensive technique;
  • understanding the analysis and methodological procedures of learning the basics of individual, group and team offensive and defensive tactics;
  • understanding methods and workloads, as well as means, aids and work concepts in teaching and training;
  • understanding the application of specific and situational measuring instruments in basketball.


  1. Introductory lecture – obligations, rights (2L)
  2. History of basketball and its development worldwide and in Croatia (2L)
  3. Basketball rules and their application (2L)
  4. Kinesiological analysis of basketball (2L)
  5. Teaching plan and programme for Physical Education in the field of basketball (2L)
  6. Analysis and methodology of elements of basketball technique (3L)
  7. Analysis and methodology of basketball tactics (2L)

Theoretical and practical lectures and exercises (each topic is covered during 2TPL+2E):

  1. Initial exam/evaluation of students
  2. Basic stance and triple threat offensive position with the ball; pivoting
  3. Ball dribbling in place and in linear motion
  4. The lay-up (basic throw-in), starting into a dribble
  5. Passing and catching the ball
  6. Passing and catching the ball in motion, the lay up after catching a pass, starting into a dribble when in motion
  7. Defensive stance and moving in position
  8. Changing the direction and pace of movement with and without the ball, lay up after a turn
  9. Stopping after catching a pass and after dribbling
  10. Hook shot, jump shot, shot with one hand from the chest while in place, blocking out
  11. Fast breaks, individual player tactics in offence and defence
  12. Screens
  13. Team defences (man-to-man; press defence; zone defence; combination defence)
  14. Offence against team defences (man-to-man; press defence; zone defence; combination defence)
  15. Demonstration, explanation and practising practical exam questions

Required literature:

  1. Knjaz, D., Rupčić, T. (2013). Basketball – reviewed teachning materials Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. Manual for attending classes.
  2. Krause, J., Meyer, D., Meyer, J. (2008.). Basketball Skills & Drills. Human Kinetics. 3rd edition.